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Are Marina Miracle products tested on animals?

Marina Miracle is dermatologically tested - not tested on animals

Marina Miracle products are NOT tested on animals. We are opposed to animal testing.

Fortunately, animal experiments are not performed in the cosmetics industry in Norway, but there are still several other countries where animal experiments in cosmetics are legal. There are still a variety of brands that have been tested on animals and that are sold all around the world. Marina Miracle is strongly against animal testing.


Our products do not contain animal-derived ingredients, therefore we can also say that our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

We only test on volunteering women and men. Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, therefore we can also say that our products are vegan and cruelty-free. 

♦ We do thorough checks on the origins of all our ingredients and check if they have been tested on animals.

♦ We have made sure that none of our suppliers are involved in animal testing and that they do not have any other company to do this for them.

♦ Marina Miracle is completely free of animal testing at all stages.


♦ We work with the Norwegian Animal Welfare Alliance and are listed on the Animal Welfare green lists of cosmetics that are not tested on animals.


How do you test the products?

To ensure that our products are safe, we perform dermatological testing in collaboration with a dermatology centre and test laboratory in Germany. Derma Consult GmbH specializes in different types of testing on the skin of volunteer women and men of different ages and with different skin types.


What is dermatological testing?

Dermatological testing means and is defined as a product that has been tested on skin to look for any skin reactions. Our tests are performed in a medical laboratory in Germany by a dermatologist and a pharmacist. The tests are performed on 50 volunteers between the ages of 18-68, men and women. The test subjects varied between different skin types; normal, eczema, allergic and sensitive skin.

The tests are performed according to the guidelines of COLIPA / COSMETICS EUROPE. All tests are performed in a manner that complies with the requirements of the Declaration of Helsinki (1964) and subsequent revisions to protect the people involved. During the test period, people refrain from using other products in the test areas.

Our products are not launched on the market until they pass these tests. For example, the products return to the development stage if they cause skin irritation to any of the candidates.

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