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I have atopic eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, which products should I use?


Do you have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or very sensitive skin that is easily irritated? We recommend starting with two of our best-selling products that will help to rebuild and heal your skin; both are 100% natural, gentle for all skin types and contain no synthetic chemical additives. 

Start with these 2 products

1. Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser - This facial cleanser is very gentle, but effectively cleanses the skin and removes all makeup. It leaves skin clean and soft without drying it out. The cleanser contains active probiotics, good bacteria, that can strengthen the skin barrier and soothe sensitive and red skin.

2. Herbal Face Oil - This is a soothing facial oil that will soothe redness and rashes on the face. We have many customers whose facial eczema and rosacea has become visibly improved if not removed altogether by using this facial oil.

Do you also have very dry skin?

Then you can use a face cream over the face oil as the last step in the routine. For younger skin 20-35 years we recommend Acai Hydra Cream and for more mature or those with very dry skin we recommend our Amaranth Day Cream. Both creams are very mild so are suitable for those with eczema and very sensitive skin. They will give the skin extra hydration and nourishment that will strengthen the skin barrier.