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Marina Miracle PRO Green Mask

PRO Green Mask

PRO Green Mask - 7 Acid Natural Chemical Peel

o 100% Natural

o 95% Organic

o Probiotic

o Vegan

o 5.5% natural, powerful BHA and AHA acids

o Vitamin C


Hyaluronic acid

o French Green Clay

How does the PRO Green Mask work?

The PRO Green mask is a face mask formulated for skincare therapists to use in skincare treatments. The mask has a vibrant green colour, smells of fresh citrus and grapefruit and contains 2 different BHA acids and 5 different types of AHA acids. The mask is formulated with active vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and MSM. These ingredients help to increase moisture, keratin and collagen production in the skin, reduce the appearance of scars, pigment spots and even out the skin tone.

It also contains oils from wild rosehip, sea buckthorn and marigold. Other ingredients include probiotic ferment of broccoli sprouts, gotu kola and rice. This means that the mask actively works to peel the skin on several levels. At the same time it adds fatty acids and moisture, plumps the skin full of nourishment and increases glow and elasticity while smoothing out skin texture. This natural chemical treatment is completely unique because it does not dry out the skin. Instead it will actually give the skin moisture while the skin is renewed and improved. 

Intelligent science

We have developed a unique formulation method where the acids, probiotics and vitamin C are encapsulated within the fatty acid molecules. In this way, the mask has the necessary low pH value for the acids and vitamin C to work optimally - but at the same time protects the skin because of the high oil content. This results in a painless and comfortable natural chemical peeling treatment that leaves the skin renewed and moisturised. NO downtime and NO dryness or flaking of the skin.

The customer should use a SPF every day for at least a week after having the PRO Green Mask treatment. It is also recommended to use Shea Hydration Mask 2-3 nights a week after treatment to build up moisture in the skin.


Who can have this treatment?

Because of our intelligent science, the PRO Green Mask can be used on all skin types, even on sensitive skin. The mask can improve skin conditions such as:

o Lack of elasticity and glow

o Tired and ageing skin

o Acne and scars, large pores and oily skin

o Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

o Uneven skin structure and rough skin

o Combined and unbalanced skin 

o Dry, dehydrated and dull skin


How is PRO Green Mask used in a treatment?

The PRO Green Mask suits all skin types. It is very important to apply the mask on wet skin to activate the acids, vitamin C and probiotics in the mask. If the mask is dry it is not active. Moisturise the skin with Flower Berry Essence and apply the PRO Green Mask with a brush. Avoid the eye area. Take some extra water on your fingertips and massage the mask well into the skin for at least 3 minutes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Keep the skin wet throughout with regular sprays with the essence. Wash off with cloth. Apply Shea Hydration Mask to soothe the skin after the treatment.

Recommend the customer to a SPF daily for a week after the treatment. For optimal results, it is recommended that the treatment is repeated every 4 weeks.

Watch the instructional video at the bottom of this page to see how the mask is used in combination with our other products.


Natural acids

The mask contains 7 different natural acids. The acids are created naturally by fermentation. The acids work together on several layers of the skin to exfoliate, renew and rejuvenate the skin.


BHA acids

Salsylic acid

Malic acid (Crossover-acid that functions as a BHA acid on PRO Green Mask)


AHA acids

Glycolic acid

Lactic acid

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C with high AHA acid content)

Tartaric acid

Citric acid



Bio-retinol is naturally occurring in our powerful wild rosehip and sea buckthorn extract. These plants are very rich in carotene (carotenoids) which is the precursor to vitamin A. When the skin is nourished with carotene it is converted into vitamin A in the skin. This allows the skin to utilize the vitamin in a natural and very effective way. Carotene and natural vitamin A are soothing ingredients for sensitive skin, and they smooth out the appearance of fine lines and have an excellent anti-ageing effect.


Montmorillonite - French green clay

The PRO Green Mask gets its green colour from high quality French green clay. Clay cannot be certified organic as it is extracted from rock and volcanic ash. It is naturally dried on the hills of Sardinia. We use food-grade clay because it is of a very high standard and is carefully cleaned. This green clay extracts toxins from the skin and has a deep cleansing effect. In addition it provides incredibly good mineral nutrition to the skin.

Can chemical peels damage the barrier of the skin?

PRO Green Mask is a 100% natural chemical peel. The word chemical may have a negative reputation, mostly due to marketing, but it is the correct term to describe what our PRO Green Mask does. There are many levels of chemical peels. Some chemical peels are a pure acid that is brushed on the skin where the acid is very strong. In these cases such chemical treatment will temporarily destroy or weaken the skin's barrier and microflora.

Our peeling mask is something completely different. We use 7 different acids, BHA and AHA, and these are naturally produced and made by fermentation. There is 5.5% acid in the PRO Green Mask. Probiotics thrive best in an acidic environment with a pH level of 3.2 - 4.5 and it is also at this pH that the acids in the mask are active. Probiotics also produce their own acids when they ferment or 'eat', which in turn creates acids like lactic acid or malic acid. Therefore our PRO Green Mask acts as food for the skin's natural microflora and will never destroy or weaken the barrier, but rather strengthen the skin's barrier.



Please watch our instructional video where you can learn how to do a professional Marina Miracle skincare treatment.