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Spirulina - One of the planet's most nutritious food sources


Spirulina - Spirulina Platensis

○ One of the planet's most nutritious food sources

○ Contains 13 vitamins and 8 minerals

○ Increases collagen production and reduces skin irritation


What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is an algae, an organism that grows in both freshwater and saltwater. Spirulina is a type of cyanobacteria, which is a family of single-celled microbes. Just like plants, cyanobacteria can produce energy from sunlight.

It's said that Spirulina contains almost all the nutrients a human needs to live and that it is one of the most nutritious things we can eat on the planet. Even NASA itself has suggested that astronauts may benefit from eating spirulina daily to maintain good health.

What is so great about Spirulina?

Spirulina is extremely nutritious and has a high content of vitamins B1, B2 and B3, and all of those three are very good for the skin. Especially B3, Niacinamide, which gives a smoother skin tone, increases elasticity and gives lots of moisture to the skin because it rebuilds the skin. Vitamin B1, Thiamin, is unique in repairing the skin and reducing inflammation. Vitamin B2, Riboflavin, supports collagen production and thus has an anti-ageing effect.

Spirulina contains 13 different vitamins and 8 different minerals as well as fatty acids, all of which are super healthy and nutritious for the skin.

What is so special about the Spirulina we use?

We use an organic certified spirulina of very high quality and which is so pure that it could also be used as a dietary supplement. Our spirulina is harvested in a good and sustainable way and does not affect the health of our environment. We also have a test certificate on our spirulina that ensures and guarantees sustainable harvesting of this unique algae.

Our spirulina is very potent and will give your skin a nutritional kick and increase glow and moisture so that the skin becomes healthy and supple. 

Skincare products with Spirulina - One of the planet's most nutritious food sources