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Marina Miracle mentioned in The Telegraph Beauty Magazine

April 21 2023 – Olivia Shaw

We were so thrilled to see our Flower Berry Essence and Herbal Face Oil mentioned in the prestigious magazine. This is what Jan Masters from The Telegraph, said about our products:

"Talking of mountain freshness, facial mists are finding favor as a method of delivering active ingredients in a fast absorbing format (layering a serum or oil on top helps to trap moisture). Marina Miracle's Flower Berry Essence, which acts as a toner and hydrator, is particularly effective. Containing hyaluronic acid, a probiotic ferment to support the skin's barrier, and cucumber, elderflower, raspberry and strawberry, it calms yet brings on the glow.

The brand, made in Norway in small batches, is the brainchild of Marina Engervik, who suffered childhood eczema and teenage acne, inspiring her to create plant-based skincare and study probiotic formulations. She's a whizz with oils, a popular way to moisturise right now, known to protect skin in harsh weather and help balance sebum production. Marina Miracle's Herbal Face Oil, which is unusually fluid, is super smoothing with a scent that isn't skincare typical - rather authentically natural."

Have you tried these products yet? If not, why not treat yourself!


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