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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

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Marina Miracle is working to be an active contributor towards reducing the strain and impact on the environment. The content in this environmental policy is applicable for the company and also dictates who Marina Miracle will select as suppliers/partners and for the development of new products. The policy includes future goals for the company and is subject to updated plans and requirements as an ongoing process.



In 2017 Marina Miracle changed their packaging and are now using recycled paper for packaging. The recycled paper can be mixed with regular paper but will not be less than the threshold for recycled paper. We like our packaging to be recycled or composted at the end of their lives and aim to have 100% of our packaging recyclable or compostable.



  • All product-packaging is made from recycled paper since 2017
  • Removed unnecessary product attachments since 2016 (information was placed on the box and made reference to website for more information about the product).



The packaging facility has recycle bins to separate all components in the product (paper, glass, plastic) to make sure that all waste is returned to recycling.



  • All paper used in the office space is recycled paper.
  • Electronic invoicing has replaced paper.
  • All product packaging, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic is to be recycled.
  • Member of Green Dot since 2018. See more.


  • Achieve environmental certification for the company.
  • Improve how we inform and encourage our customers about recycling.

 Green dot member


The majority of the ingredients in our products are 100% natural. We continue to replace non-certified organic ingredients in our existing products with organic certified ingredients when possible. All our products are subject to upgraded ingredients as an on-going process after the product has been launched. Currently we have a minimum of 70% organic certified ingredients (started at 50%) in our products and we will continue this work towards the goal of 100%.

All our ingredients are plant-based, renewable and degradable. We do not use microplastics, Nano-ingredients or any synthetic ingredients that influences the planet or health in a negative way.

We avoid the use of ingredients that has been flagged to have a negative environmental impact (palm oil or similar).

We never use any ingredient that has been tested on animals, and our products are always cruelty free. We are approved by the official Green List of Dyrevernet (Animal protection in Norway).

We choose to select suppliers that respect the environment and the animals and people living there and we push our suppliers to select fair-trade farmers/manufacturers. We select suppliers that are certified by the SOIL Association, ECOCERT, USDA Organic, COSMOS-standard or DEBIO.



  • Certified cruelty-free in the official Green List of Dyrevernet (Animal protection in Norway)
  • A minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients
  • SOIL Association, ECOCERT, USDA Organic, COSMOS-standard or DEBIO approved suppliers of organic ingredients.
  • 0% micro plastic or Nano-ingredients
  • 0% toxic ingredients
  • All contents in the bottle are recyclable and renewable, and no mineral oil is used.


  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Organic certification for our products



Marina Miracle will switch off lighting in premises at the end of each day. On weekends, Marina Miracle saves electricity by leaving the lights off and turning off all equipment that is not in use. Our production is using raw ingredients and the manufacturing is using low heat (not above 40 degrees Celsius) that requires less energy than traditional manufacturing.



If possible, Marina Miracle will always select shipping by sea when importing goods. The goods are manufactured in Norway. When exporting to other countries we strive to send out products to local distribution centres by bulk to avoid unnecessary transportation of goods.