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Marina Miracle x Tone Lise

October 28 2021 – Martin Engervik

Marina Miracle x Tone Lise

Photo: Isabell Solberg Photography

In collaboration with Norway's 'nail queen', Tone Lise Forbergskog, we have developed a strengthening nail oil formulated with sea buckthorn and apricot, extracts from rosemary, cranberry and green tea that nourish dry cuticles and improve cracked and thin nails.


Marina Miracle x Tone Lise

Marina and Tone Lise were both born and raised in Norway's fishing capital, Båtsfjord, but they first met at a beauty fair in Oslo 7 years ago. Since then, they have kept in touch with plans for a collaboration in mind. When two beauty entrepreneurs put their minds together, one can only expect an exciting result! With Marina as a specialist in natural skin care and Tone Lise as the founder of the Tone Lise Academy and TL Design, they saw the opportunity to develop a completely unique product together.


Tone Lise Forbergskog is one of the Nordic region's most successful and groundbreaking business woman with over 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.

Tone Lise moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 years old to attend a beauty school specializing in nails and hand treatments. After she had finished the school, she moved back to Norway where she started her first beauty salon in Norway's busiest shopping street, Karl Johans gate in Oslo.

A few years later, she opened the beauty and nail school Tone Lise Academy and at the same time launched Norway's first nail polish series; TL Design. She constantly focused on sustainability and that the products contained only pure and organic ingredients.

Tone Lise has won several awards for her nail products and has also received the Norwegian Entrepreneur award.

Alongside her career, Tone Lise has also worked to help women who have been victims of human trafficking and prostitution. This is her heart's desire and she has helped many women into working life.

Tone Lise is also an author and has written several books on entrepreneurship and sustainability. This is a woman with a lot of experience and knowledge. We are very proud to have Tone Lise as a partner and we are looking forward to seeing what good this collaboration will bring.

A Unique Nail Oil

Now we have launched the Essential Nail Elixir together- a special nail oil with Nordic ingredients. This oil contains ingredients of very high quality, and together with active extracts the nail oil will nourish cuticles and make the nails stronger and smoother. This nail oil is perfect for every day use, as well as after a manicure or pedicure treatment. The oil also will help to nourish dry hands as it absorbs quickly. The Essential Nail Elixir comes in an elegant black bottle with a thin glass pipette that makes it easy to drip the perfect drop of elixir on each nail. 



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