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We won 7 awards in the Global Makeup Awards 2020!

December 28 2020 – Martin Engervik

The 2020 Scandinavian Global Makeup Awards celebrates the best of beauty and cosmetic products in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. Globally, customers turn to Scandinavian beauty brands when they are looking for quality, high end beauty products, which are carefully created, effective and environmentally conscious. 

Global Makeup Awards writes this on their website about the awards:

''Wow, it's been a truly tremendous year. Yet again, we had hundreds of entries for Scandinavia, and double the number of brands from last year.

Innovative skincare is a big forerunner in this year's awards. S-Beauty is taking the world by storm, especially in a time when self-care is all the more important. A key feature of Scandi-Beauty is high quality ingredients in a product which can do a multitude of tasks. You'll see a lot of multi-use luxury brands who take the gold in this years beauty awards.''

It is a true honor that the judges gave us a total of 7 awards! We are so thankful and so very happy! Here follows more about the awards we received and the judges lovely comments.

Best eye product

Best Eye Product - GOLD Winner

Eyelash & Brow Serum

''This product is 100% natural, 97% certified organic and vegan. This product is transparent / white and can be worn alone or under mascara. It has been designed to stimulate hair growth as well as make lashes longer and fuller in a more natural way. After just 2 weeks, our judges noticed that their lashes looked longer and it looked as if the serum had stimulated the growth of new lashes. A well deserved Gold Win for Best Eye Product, as it truly conditions and nourishes your lashes.''

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Best Makeup Tool

Best Makeup Tool - SILVER Winner

Eyelash & Brow Serum

''This is another win for Marina Miracle's Eyelash and Brow Serum. The judges have voted this silver for Best Makeup Tool as it is a must-have for the makeup bag. Any mascara looks better with a layer of this serum underneath. Additionally, using this product over your time you will have longer and healthier real lashes because of it being a lash conditioner.''

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Best cleanser

Best Cleanser - GOLD Winner

Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser

''When we talk about Scandi Beauty, or S-Beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is high quality products that can do a multitude of things. This means a more minimalist approach to beauty with maximum results. This 4-in 1 cleanser by Marina Miracle is therefore the epitome of Scandi-Beauty. It is a facial cleanser, make-up remover, PH balancer and also supports a healthy skin microbiome all in one product. Our skin felt silky and nourished after one use.''

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Best toner

Best Toner - SILVER Winner

Flower Berry Essence

''The brand Marina Miracle uses natural and organic ingredients. The judges adored how this light mist created a fresh, light glow to their skin. Flower Berry Essence is both a toner, mist and an essence - a hydrating 3-in-1 multi product that can be used as you wish.

The ingredients in this product make it so special. Nutritious extracts & juices from Cucumber, Geranium, Elderflower, Cornflower, Raspberry & Strawberry soothe the skin, increase moisture & give the skin a new, fresh glow.

This slightly acidic pH level is what your skin and the skin's microflora respond best to. Why not try it under a moisturiser for best results.''

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Best Night Cream

Best Night Cream - BRONZE Winner

Amaranth Night Serum

''We instantly melted into sleep with the fresh scent of oranges and flowers in this truly delicious night serum. The serum is formulated with amaranth, argan, chia and natural fruit acids which stimulate the production of healthy new cells. Put it on before going to sleep, and be sure to wake up to ultra soft, and rejuvenated skin.''

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Best Design and Packaging

Best Design and Packaging - BRONZE Winner

Shea Hydration Mask

''Marina Miracle has been a member of Green Dot since 2018. They also make sure that all their paper has been recycled for all their products. In another Eco conscious move, they removed unnecessary product attachments since 2016. On a more visual note, we adore the packaging for the Shea Hydration Mask, which is slick, minimalist and in line with their environmentally friendly practices.''

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Best luxury skincare brand

Best Luxury Skincare Brand - BRONZE Winner

Marina Miracle

''This brand is all about Norwegian, 100% natural skincare, with products which are known for providing deep nutrition and moisture for the skin. The brand also uses EcoCert and DEBIO certified organic ingredients for their products. The brand is truly luxurious in all aspects, from its gorgeous, deep green packaging, to the products itself which provide truly miraculous results. Science is at the forefront, where the brand also uses probiotics in several of its products.''


Thank you so much for our awards Global Makeup Awards 2020!


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