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Feel fresh this Fall with our Autumnal favourites

October 02 2023 – Olivia Shaw

Natural & organic lip balm with autumn leaves and a cosy candle

Do you get dry and dull skin in the cold Autumn weather? The days get shorter, the temperature drops and the air becomes drier. These factors can leave your skin feeling dry and dull. Fortunately, there are several ways to maintain moisture in the skin, here are some ways we like to protect and nourish our skin in the Fall time:


Use a non-drying facial cleanser

Cleanse regularly using a non-drying cleanser, like our award winning Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser, enriched with natural oils. Your face shouldn't feel tight, dry or stripped of moisture after cleansing, it should feel supple and refreshed. Another tip: always use lukewarm water when cleansing to protect your sensitive facial skin.


Exfoliate regularly

A good facial scrub removes dead skin cells and brings life back to your skin. Try our completely natural Rosehip Peeling Mask 2 - 3 nights a week; it's super moisturising, non-drying and loaded with gorgeous rosehip oil.


Use a great quality face oil for extra hydration

Giving your skin good moisture at this time of year is a must for a healthy looking skin! Face oils contain natural oils that provide moisture and protect the skin's moisture barrier. See our range of face oils here >>


Don't neglect lashes, lips and nails!

Protect and nourish those precious eyelashes, brows, lips and nails and keep them strong and supple in preparation for the colder months ahead.  Try our 100% natural Eyelash & Brow serum, this contains no pesky chemicals and is perfectly safe and suitable for the delicate skin around your eyes. Keep that precious pout nourished with our new Lip Balm and maintain nail strength with our award-winning Nail Oil.


Continue to drink plenty of water

It is very important to drink plenty of water this time of year. The cold weather extracts moisture and water from the skin leaving the skin feeling dry, so it's very important to stay hydrated from the inside out. Always carry a water bottle with you, so you can hydrate wherever you are.

We hope these tips help and we hope you have a lovely Autumn!


Love, Marina Miracle UK xx


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