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Marina's Top Three Tips for Dry Winter Skin

December 13 2023 – Olivia Shaw

Did you know that the vast majority of us get dry skin in the Winter because the cold air pulls moisture out of our skin?

Have you been outside in cold temperatures, to be greeted with tight, dry, itchy and flaky skin when you come back inside? It's really not ideal, but fortunately there are some good solutions for this.

Here are Marina's top three tips to get the moisture and glow back to dry and itchy Winter skin - after all, Nordics are renowned for dewy, glowing skin even in the harshest of Winters!

our fabulous and totally natural rosehip face mask being applied

1. Exfoliate your skin, once or twice a week

"It is important to exfoliate dry skin regularly because dead skin cells accumulate on the skin. These dead skin cells prevent facial oils and moisturisers from absorbing well enough and then you don't get the skin properly moisturised because everything is only on the outside and the skin remains dry no matter how much cream you use, that's why it's important to exfoliate the skin once or twice a week.

Our Rosehip Peeling Mask is a super face mask to use for dry skin because it exfoliates, scrubs and draws out impurities from the pores, but does not dry out the skin. After use, the skin is simply silky smooth and completely clean and ready for a moisturising product." 

2. Use a nourishing face oil and face cream, morning and night

"Oils are wonderful to use in Winter because they penetrate deep into the skin and lipids in the oils strengthen the skin barrier, so that it becomes more resistant to the cold. Our perfect choice for dry to very dry skin is Amaranth Face Oil. It softens and provides lots of healthy fatty acids to the skin, which it needs so badly in Winter. I recommend using this oil every morning and evening after cleansing or a face mask.

It is also a good idea to put a face cream over the face oil when you have dry skin, as this will hydrate the dry skin even more. Our Acai Hydra Cream is a wonderful moisturiser; during the test period of this cream everyone in our test panel notices that their skin felt even more hydrated and even softer after regular use of this cream."

3. Treat your skin to a hydrating mask once or twice a week

"A hydrating mask is a must when you have dry skin. I use the Shea Hydration Mask one night a week (because I have very sensitive skin, but if your skin is not so sensitive and can tolerate a little extra, you can use the moisturizing mask up to two times a week), and then I also sleep with the mask on.

The mask contains malic acids and probiotic juice of aloe vera and green tea, so it provides really deep and effective moisture to the skin. This mask is popular in Finnmark, where it is super cold in winter, because it provides such good moisture. This is a really good face mask for dry skin."

Also, some bonus tips: Drink plenty of water, use a moisturising cleanser and use lukewarm water when you wash your face, not too hot or cold. 

Thanks for your wonderful tips Marina! X


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