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How do I use Face Oil?

October 04 2022 – Marina Elisabeth Engervik

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Face oils are getting more and more popular for their great abilities to treat and hydrate the skin. Have you tried one yet? Maybe you're thinking of trying it, but you think that a face oil sounds too "oily"? The fact is that a good face oil absorbs quickly, hydrates and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin. If you're currently using a regular face cream, perhaps a face oil will be a new, pleasant experience and your new favorite go-to-product. 

So how do I use a face oil?

It is very easy to use face oil and there is only 3 steps:

1. Cleanse. It's so important that your face is washed clean from makeup and dirt before applying the face oil. This is because you need to have a clean skin for the oil to absorb and to function properly. If there is dirt or makeup on the skin, the face oil will not penetrate the skin. Always cleanse your skin first.

2. Shake. A face oil has many nourishing ingredients and often consists of many different oils, herbs and vitamins. These ingredients have different "weight" and will therefore separate in the bottle. That's why you should always shake the bottle before use. That way you'll get all the good stuff in every single drop!

3. Apply the oil to face and neck. Drip between 4-6 drops in your hand, warm the oil in your hands and massage the oil well into your skin with gentle pressure and circular movements. I have found that this method is very effective and comfortable. Your skin is left hydrated and glowing :)

What if I don't want to replace my cream just yet? It is certainly possible to use facial oil as a serum to provide extra nutrition under the face cream. Always apply the face oil first, then the cream. This can actually be a very good combination especially in windy or cold places, or if you need sunscreen. Another tip is to add some drops of the face oil into your regular cream to get an extra effective face cream.

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