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February 13 2017 – Olivia Shaw

Emmi Snicker Marina Miracle sweet & creamy oil cleanser


One of Sweden's biggest organic beauty bloggers Emmi Snicker has once again reviewed our products. You can check out her previous post about us right here. This time she tested out our cleanser and our anti-aging face oil. Don't stop reading just yet if you guys would like to know what she had to say about these two must-have-at-home products!

Emmi writes:

Marina Miracle Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser + Amaranth Face Oil

Marina Miracle is a Norwegian brand I've had here on the blog before, and now I have been lucky enough to test two additional products in the range. Now, lets have a closer look at them!


Emmi Snicker Amaranth Face Oil


Amaranth Face Oil from Marina Miracle

A facial oil with natural ingredients like amaranth oil, rose hip oil, rosewater, cranberry oil, hemp oil and scandinavian herbs, just to mention a few. The star in this facial oil is the amaranth oil, a plant that contains the most squalene in the world and therefore great for mature and/or dry skin. The scent of ylang-ylang and grapefruit is really wonderful and I have combination skin that is a bit on the drier side now during the winter. My skin absolutely loves this oil, it sinks in quickly, moisturizes the skin well and the scent is so lovely, so addictive! Rating: 4.5/5

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Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser from Marina Miracle

This is a cream that turns into oils when massaging it on the skin, when water is added it turns into a milk - a very pleasant surprise! Contains sunflower oil, calendula flower, sea buckthorn oil, fermented broccoli among other ingredients. The scent is lovely sweet of coconut and vanilla and this cleanser is perfect for those who likes a effective cleanser that takes away any makeup and still doesn't strip the skin from moisture. Very gentle and perfect for any skin type I would say, especially sensitive and dry skin. Rating: 5/5

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