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We won the "Best Facial Product of the Year"!

November 10 2017 – Helena Georges

Marina Miracle won the best facial skincare product at the Swedish Health Awards

Our agents, Tove and Emma, Tree of Brands, accepted the price for us in Stockholm. They greet all our Norwegian customers who have voted and say a thousand thanks! 

Swedish health awards scene announcing the winner

Herbal Face Oil was nominated as 1 of 4 products in the category's face product of the Swedish Health Awards in Stockholm, Sweden. Our miracle oil had the world's largest natural skin care brand as a competitor, so this is truly a victory! We warmly thank all of you who voted for the oil, we had not done it without you! We also thank our dear agents, Tree of Brands, who have helped Marina Miracle in the Swedish market, you are amazing!

We are so proud and happy. Thank you very much again! Now it's going to be celebrated!


Herbal Face Oil

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