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We won 3 awards in the Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards 2023!

December 26 2023 – Olivia Shaw

It is great fun to be able to say that we have won a total of 3 awards in this year's Global Makeup Awards Scandinavia 2023. Global Makeup Awards publishes a magazine that presents the winners. They wrote the following about us:

''Being sustainable and environmentally friendly while using natural ingredients is the very foundation of Marina Miracle. Their products are organic and completely natural, and they are made in Norway. Since 2017, the brand has also ensured that they only use recycled paper in their packaging.''

Flower Berry Essence wins GOLD for the third time in the Global Makeup Awards!

Global Makeup Awards 2023 marina miracle winner

The Global Makeup Awards write:

''A miracle product - that makes your skin feel refreshed, and at the same time makes the skin feel healthy. This mist comes in a glass bottle which gives a very luxurious feel and it is also environmentally friendly as it can be recycled.

The essence contains moisturizing probiotic ferment. The skin gets an immediate glow and feels refreshed and hydrated. Flower Berry Essence is pH balancing with a pH of 4.4. This means that it is in the perfect pH to which the microflora on your skin responds best.''

Go to Flower Berry Essence.

Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser wins GOLD as best facial cleanser!

Global Makeup Awards 2023 marina miracle winner

 The Global Makeup Awards write:

''A dream cleanser that is gentle on the skin and makes the skin feel well cared for. This creamy oil cleanser removes all make-up while nourishing the skin. It turns into a milk on contact with water and cleanses without drying out the skin thanks to calendula, sunflower and coconut oil. The cleanse contains probiotic fermented juice from broccoli, alfalfa and tomatoes.''

Go to Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser.

Super Skin Food Mask wins SILVER for best face mask!

Global Makeup Awards 2023 marina miracle winner

This is the second time our amazing moisturizing mask has won an award in the Global Makeup Awards, in 2020 this mask won the award for best packaging and packaging! The Global Makeup Awards write this year about what they liked about the Super Skin Food Mask:

''This product is for dry and itchy skin. Super Skin Food Mask is a hydrating moisture mask with a fresh scent of freshly picked apples and it has a velvety consistency that melts into the skin and makes the skin feel absolutely beautiful. The mask is formulated with hyaluronic acid, bio-retinol and probiotics that will boost the skin with moisture and glow! Probiotic fermented aloe vera, green tea and Norwegian oats strengthen the skin barrier and soothe irritated and sensitive skin.''

Go to Super Skin Food Mask.


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